• Easily adaptable to most ATV and UTV's
  • Fully adjustable
  • Fully galvanized for durability
  • Fast and easy operator entry into cage
"Take a look at the calf catcher in action!! A must for anyone calving outside and working alone, it's strong, easily attached and most of all your safe to tag, castrate and dehorn calves without rushing. As video shows once caught we move cow and calf to another field very easily!! Contact Gordon Stephen for more info!"
"Its my 4th season of using catcher and I think yesterday I've never been so glad to have it . Too many farmers are getting injured or worse during this time of year(Calving). Tagging is a necessary job that needs to be done correctly by taking our time and not rushing whilst constantly looking over your shoulder!"
"Best investment I've made so far...
It saves time and doctors bills!"
"Never take any chances when calving outside get yourself a Calfcatcher from Gordon Stephen .....we purchased one and it has been the best investment ever . It keeps you safe and will have time to do all that is necessary when tagging . Then you can move them both to new field while calf stands on cradle!"
Wagglehill Croft, Cumiestown, Turriff, AB53 8HY

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